Above-average temps and rainfall for March

By Elizabeth Rhodes

The Seattle Times

March’s average temperature was slightly above normal for the month, but that didn’t erase the memory of the misery that had gone on in the months before: high winds, flooding rains, snow and more snow.

So it’s probably no surprise that gardeners have greeted the arrival of spring with trowels ready.

“People are really anxious this year to get out in their gardens and do what they need to do and renew,” Ken Plante, nursery manager of Shoreline’s five-acre Sky Nursery, said Sunday.

“They do have a pent-up demand because we had a rough winter, and so many people had damaged landscaping,” Plante added. “They’re ready for spring.”

However, some may have had to wait a bit.

The forecast for overnight Sunday called for up to 2 inches of wet snow on hilltops within the convergence zone between north King and south Snohomish counties.

March’s average temperature, as measured by the National Weather Service at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, was 47.1 degrees. That’s slightly above the norm, 46.2 degrees, according to meteorologist Johnny Burg.

The month’s rainfall at Sea-Tac also bested the norm. It measured 4.42 inches, with the wettest day coming on March 24, when 0.91 inch of rain fell and a number of rivers throughout the area were reported flooding. The normal rainfall for March is 3.75 inches, Burg said.

This month’s forecast calls for above-normal temperatures; the historical average is 50.2 degrees.

And it may not stop there. The weather service is predicting warmer than normal conditions throughout the western two-thirds of the nation through June.

The Seattle forecast for rainfall is unclear. Burg said there’s an equal chance it will be above or below April’s average of 2.59 inches.

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